Invitation for Proposal

Invitation for Proposal (IFP) for Sealed Bids for HVAC Equipment, Installation, Service, & Related Product Publication Date:  Friday January 10th, 2020 

Deadline: Thursday, February 6th 2020 at 12:00 EST

Proposal #02102020

$15,000 Deposit PAID to awarded bidder February 13th 2020

 Warren County Habitat for Humanity, identified hereafter as “WCHFH”, is requesting bid proposals from companies to provide the following services at 31 Belvidere Avenue, Washington Borough New Jersey 07882.

HVAC Equipment, Installation, Service and Related Product to be Executed in FY 2020 on or around March 15th.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity is renovating its current establishment at 31 Belvidere Avenue in Washington New Jersey to serve as a Community Center. Renovations will take place in the 1800 sq. ft. main floor of the center. HVAC units will be installed in the basement with duct work to heat, cool, and provide the required amount of fresh air to the center. The Community Center is open to youth, Veterans, senior citizens aging in place, and in part will serve as a meeting area for groups throughout Warren County and New Jersey. 

WCHFH will award a contract to the LOWEST QUALIFIED BIDDER.

The bid packet is available for viewing and printing from our website, To download and print pdf versions including the Invitation for Proposal(ifp), bid submission mail-in form and mechanical engineering plans/specs, click attachments on webpage. 

Submittals are due Thursday, February 6th at 12:00 EST. One copy of your bid, printed single-sided, must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked as RFP#02102020 . Proposals should be delivered to the following address and date and time stamped by the due date and time. Any IFP received after the due date and time will be returned unopened to the bidder. No faxed or emailed IFPs will be accepted. 

Mail or drop off sealed envelope to; 

Warren County Habitat for Humanity 

31 Belvidere Avenue Washington NJ 07882 

Attn: JJ Norment RFP#02102020

Summary of IFP Dates: 

*Friday, January 10th 2020 RFP Package Available

*Wednesday, January 15th 2020 Walkthrough of Facility (10am-2pm) 

*Thursday, February 6th 2020 RFP Proposal Submission Deadline, 12N  

*Monday, February 10th at 11am Public Opening of Bids

*Wednesday, February 12th Board Approval of Contract

*Thursday, February 13th Award of Contract, Notification to winner and Payment

Submittal Requirements and Format: 

Submittals from contractors will not be evaluated unless WCHFH receives submittal letter and supporting data which shall include the following list of items and in this order. Submittals are prepared at the firm’s expense and upon submission become the property of WCHFH and therefore become a matter of public record once the successful firm has been chosen and contract awarded. Proposals shall be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the IFP: 02102020

To be included in the submission in this order: 

1. Owner’s name, company name, address, phone, fax, and email.

2. Type of work contractor licensed to perform and any other specialization of the firm.

3. Pricing as requested in the appropriate attachment for the service contract being bid. Please copy and use the pricing table(s) for your submission.

4. Insurance Company Name, address, phone, fax, and email.

5. Proof of General Liability must be provided and WCHFH must be named on your insurance forms.

6. List and description of a few projects in which the firm has participated in the past three years.

7. References


WCHFH shall not discriminate against or in favor of any bidder on the basis of race, religion, sex or sexual preference, age, national origin, disability or political affiliation. 

WCHFH reserves the right to terminate the selection proceedings at its option at any time during the process. 

Grievance: If after submitting a proposal, contractors feel that they or their proposal were not treated or considered fairly, contractors may contact WCHFH Community Outreach Director JJ Norment for information.   

WCHFH Reservation of Rights: 

1. WCHFH reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality in the IFP process, or to terminate the IFP process at any time, if deemed by WCHFH to be in its best interests.

2. WCHFH reserves the right not to award a contract pursuant to this IFP.

3. WCHFH reserves the right to terminate a contract awarded pursuant to this IFP, at any time for its convenience upon 10 days written notice to the successful bidder.

4. WCHFH reserves the right to inspect work at any time during the ongoing work.

5. WCHFH reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted.

6. WCHFH reserves the right to reject and not consider any proposal that does not meet the requirements of this IFP, including but not limited to incomplete proposals and/or proposals offering alternate or non- requested services.

9. WCHFH shall have no obligation to compensate any bidder for any costs incurred in responding to this IFP.

10. WCHFH shall reserve the right at any time during the IFP or contract process to prohibit any further participation by a bidder or reject any proposal submitted that does not conform to any of the requirements detailed herein.

Additional Requirements Once Contract Signed: 

The contract generated by this IFP may be cancelled by WCHFH for noncompliance with specifications, inability to perform the contracting requirements of WCHFH or continued safety hazards. The cancellation notification shall state the cause or reason for the cancellation. Such cancellation would be at no charge to WCHFH other than for work authorized and completed at the time of termination. 

The contractor shall provide all items, articles, operations mentioned or herein specified, related labor services, tools, equipment, transportation and incidentals necessary and required for satisfactory, acceptable completion of the contracted work or delivery of materials. WCHFH may inspect work at any time during the ongoing work. Should a problem with the materials or the   work performed by the Contractor occur during the course of this contract, and should it be shown that the case of this problem is faulty work, the Contractor shall repair such problem fully at Contractor’s own expense. After completion of work, Contractor will return the site to its original condition as determined by WCHFH. Any work required to return the property to its original condition will be at the Contractor’s expense. 

Contractor shall be responsible for any injury, damage or loss to all public and private property caused directly, in whole or in part, by their employees or agents or anyone directly or indirectly employed by them or anyone for whose acts any one of them may be responsible. The contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and codes bearing on the safety of persons or property of their protection, from injury, damage, or loss. Contractor is responsible for the means, methods and sequence of work and all safety aspects of this work. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Contractor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend WCHFH and WCHFH Workers from and against any and all claims or damages arising from Contractor’s performance of this agreement, as well as acts committed during the course of this agreement by any of Contractor’s officers, employees, guests, invitees, and those doing business with Contractor. 

Contractor assures that all existing and new staff working on site do not have a criminal background which would indicate that they could present a threat to patrons or staff. Acceptable criminal background is no felony arrests or convictions within five years and no pattern of misdemeanors (three or more) within five years. WCHFH may terminate this contract if this provision is violated.

Every effort must be taken to insure the safety and security of the patrons and staff of WCHFH  

Contractor agrees that if keys to the building are misplaced, lost or stolen, the Contractor will absorb all costs incurred to correct the situation. 

Insurance Requirements: 

Contractor shall secure, pay the premiums for, and keep in force until the expiration of their contract adequate liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Certificate of insurance for Worker’s Compensation and for liability shall be delivered to WCHFH or kept on file at WCHFH prior to start of contract. Any policy change shall be reported to WCHFH and certificate forwarded to WCHFH. By signing a contract generated by the RFP, the contractor understands that neither they nor their employees are covered by any WCHFH insurance policy. All copies of proof of insurance will be submitted to WCHFH along with the RFP. Contractors may send a copy of the required insurances with their proposal, but the work of the RFP cannot begin, nor contract executed until original insurance verification forms are on file at the WCHFH offices. 

The following insurance coverage is required: 

· Commercial General Liability

· Worker’s Compensation Insurance

· Automotive Insurance 

Section A: Specifications for HVAC installation. 

1. Contractor must be licensed to install residential and commercial hot water heating systems, forced air heating systems, domestic hot water systems, evaporative coolers, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

2. Installations to include any and all revisions to new duct, electrical, gas and condensers as necessary to accommodate new furnace installation. This includes but is not limited to installing combustion air and related ducting.

3. All installations require permits and inspections paid for and coordinated by the contractor. Installations shall conform to current codes.

4. Note any exclusions.

Pricing Table: 

Price for materials contained on specifications sheet of mechanical drawing. YOU MAY USE COMPARABLE MATERIALS i.e. HVAC unit specs are for Lennox brand units. You may use an item with similar specifications.

No questions will be answered in phone conversations, fax responses or mail. Please submit any questions via email to [email protected] to ensure competitive fairness and transparency to all parties.