Partner Family almost home!

Pete and his family are “almost home!” Pete is the father of a Habitat partner family hoping to move into their new home in March. That home is part of a duplex in Port Colden, NJ. Another partner family will occupy the other side of the structure.

Partner Dad Pete paints his sons’ bedroom.

Pete and his wife Robin are anxious to take up residence in their new neighborhood. We caught up with Pete on a Saturday morning as he painted one of the bedrooms for his boys. “Our current neighborhood is rough and there’s not much space between buildings. We have four boys, and this home has a nice big backyard for the kids to play in. We love the new neighborhood,” offered Pete.

The future homeowners have already exceeded the number of “sweat equity” hours required of all partner families by Habitat for Humanity. Pete views the partnership as a blessing. “Moving into this home will be life changing for us. The six of us live in an apartment with less space than there is here on the first floor in this house. And, it wouldn’t happen without Habitat,” Pete elaborated.

Partner families earn their homes

Contrary to a popular misconception, Habitat homes are not “given” to families. As with all Habitat homeowners, Pete and Robin must be credit worthy and they must be able to provide a down payment. They will purchase this home from WCHFH, the local Habitat affiliate. The Habitat model often results in a mortgage that is less than the rent of a smaller, or substandard or inadequate apartment in the same area.

Volunteer works on front entrance.
Teamwork on exterior trim.

Habitat affiliates keep the mortgage payments low by relying on donated parcels of land, by offering a 0% rate on the mortgage, by requiring the adults to partner and contribute 250 hours of sweat equity each, and by using volunteer labor and in-kind donations of services and materials.

On this particular Saturday in January, about a dozen volunteers were putting fascia and other trim on the exterior of the duplex, and painting the interior walls.

Construction will continue on Thursdays and Saturdays until the home dedication, which will occur sometime in March. The next Warren County Habitat for Humanity build will begin in the spring on a lot in Washington Township. If you have a desire to help with either of these efforts, you can review the info on our Volunteer to Build page, or simply click on the button below to get the process started.