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While construction volunteers are always welcome, we are currently in need of volunteers to fill the key positions described below. If you are currently only interested in volunteering for construction, click on the hammer button.

After reviewing the key position descriptions, please scroll to the section titled  “Request to be contacted” and submit your information. Thank you.

Key Position Descriptions

Information Technology

IT Specialist

Responsible for troubleshooting technical systems (local networks, desktop, telecom, office equipment, web site administration, security systems). Experience level equal to or exceeding Intermediate is required in one or more of these areas.

Web Programmer

Responsible for advanced features of affiliate website including web and database integration. Working knowledge of HTML, PHP; knowledge of API.

Website Content Manager

Responsible for developing and posting online web and Twitter content. Knowledge of WordPress CMS required.

Data Mining/ Data Analyst

Uses existing data stores to provide input for operational decision making.


Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for monitoring the volunteer experience including managing programs related to volunteer recruitment, development, retention and appreciation. Required skills: project planning, excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail.

Project Manager

Lead portions of a multi-year, multi-function community center project. PMP or APM RPP certification or 5+ years of demonstrable project management experience required.

Youth Relations Coordinator

Development and coordination of youth programs and volunteers as they increase awareness of our mission and implement Habitat projects.

Faith Relations Coordinator

Maintains relationships with faith based organizations in the county.

Public Relations

Event Planner

Works with a team on a signature fundraising event such as an auction or bowling event.

Graphic Designer

Able to transform messaging concepts into camera-ready or web-ready images. Must have your own graphic design software.


Records major events such as groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies. Records “in studio” online messaging. Must have your own medium- to high-quality video recording equipment.


Chief Financial Officer

Oversees Affiliate finances, including forecasting, monthly bookkeeping, cash flow, preparing data for budget development, and participates in affiliate strategic decisions. Skills – background in accounting, knowledge of QuickBooks, familiarity in non-profit accounting principles, and an understanding of balance sheets, P&L statements, 990’s and other accounting reports.

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  • Please Note: This Habitat is in New Jersey!

    Throughout the country, there are several Habitat for Humanity affiliates that go by the name "Warren County Habitat for Humanity", such as those in Virginia, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. You are on the website of the New Jersey affiliate, located at 31 Belvidere Avenue, Washington, NJ.
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  • Warren County Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing organization. All who desire to be a part of this work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background. We have a policy of building with people in need regardless of race or religion. We welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.
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