3 Cousins Refreshments donates to WCHFH

Local Business Supports Habitat Veterans Build

Ben Eskow, Executive Director of WCHFH, has accepted a donation from 3 Cousins Refreshments, a local Washington business. Sisters Ava, age 12, Rylee, age 10, and their cousin Emma, age 12, operate a roadside stand that provides lemonade, cotton candy and slushies in the Washington Township area.

Ava and Emma will attend Warren Hills Regional Middle School in September, while Rylee attends Brass Castle School. The cousins received help and support from their grandmother and other family members in establishing the enterprise. They decided they wanted to use their money to do something good for someone, and considered a few local charities. They learned more about Habitat for Humanity through a family friend and decided to make a donation.

The team presented Ben with a check for $155.39, which represents not only their profits, but their tips as well. The sum is roughly equivalent to the cost of framing nails for the home currently under construction on Pleasant Valley Road. That home, the Habitat Veterans Build, is being built in partnership with a family of four. The Partner Family mom, Heather, served in the Army National Guard.

Ava, Emma, and Rylee are an illustration of the community support that Habitat families need, and get, from the greater Warren County community. Their story provides a great example and an inspiration for anyone who ever wanted to help out, but thought “How can I make a difference?”

They made a difference! Thank you Ava, Rylee, and Emma!


What is the Habitat Veterans Build?

Partner family at groundbreakingHabitat Veterans Build logoThe parcel of land for the current Habitat home was donated with the hope that it would be used to house the family of a veteran. Bob and Heather and their two children have agreed to be the Partner Family for this project. Heather’s service in the Army National Guard was key to the selection of this Partner Family. The project is part of the Habitat for Humanity Veterans Build Initiative. This program was created to honor our veterans. It has the full support of Habitat for Humanity International and its national Veterans Build Initiative corporate partners.

You, too, can help!

If you would like to help on the build site, or to donate money for the home, please see the links below. If you have other questions, please call our office on (908) 835-1300.


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