On December 18, 2008, Ann received the fourth house built by Warren County Habitat for Humanity. It is in Harmony Township, NJ. Ann has been a very involved and appreciative partner family mom. There was a time when she told us she needed to back out of the partnership with us because she was afraid she would not be able to afford it and would lose the house and be out on the street again. After promising to continue our partnership with her even after she was in the house, she took the leap of faith and continued to partner with us. 

Ann’s Speech as Guest Speaker at the WC Habitat Dinner/Auction, April, 2015

First of all I wanted to say thank you for everything.

I was asked to tell a little about myself and my family and how Warren County Habitat for Humanity has helped us.

Before Habitat, I always cared about my kids and worked hard to provide for them. Unfortunately, without anyone to turn to for help, I fell on some very hard times when… I ended up living in my car on the side of Route 78 for a little while and then in the Projects in Phillipsburg. It was scary with three little kids and for me too.

Then came my partnership with Habitat. Not only did Habitat help me to be able to afford a beautiful house for my family but also they have continued to partner with me ever since. I always know I have friends and people who care about me and my family whenever I get into a rough time and being a single mom with three children – there are several rough times. My children never would be where they are at today if it wasn’t for the support of WC Habitat and all the wonderful people who are involved.

So, second, I wanted to give you an update on the kids. David, my oldest is in his second year at Warren County Community college where he held all straight A’s last year and received high honors and a Pell Grant. So this year the first two semesters are covered by grants and FASA. This will be his last year at community college, then he hopes to transfer to Rutgers to finish his education before going on to the state police academy. He is going to school full time and working almost full time at RadioShack – putting himself through school.

My daughter, Sammi is in her second year at Moravian and doing quite well. She is studying to become an early education teacher hoping to work with kids with special needs. She also is working at Target to put herself through school. She received a couple of nice scholarships and has taken out students loans.

The two of them have had a rough go of things as their father fought male breast cancer for over 14 years. They were so supportive to him until he passed away last August. I am so proud of them. David had to handle everything as an adult because he is next of kin.

I also have a third child, Tyler, from a different relationship and have been raising him alone for the last 10+ years with no support of any kind from his father. Tyler is a freshman at Warren Technical School. He makes me so proud even though he is a challenge at times. Tyler has Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, social fears and suffers from panic and anxiety issues. At a young age I was told he would never make it through “regular school” and never be totally self-sufficient. Well with a lot of support from his brother, sister, and me he graduated from “regular” elementary school and on his own applied to Warren Technical School and got accepted into the automotive repair program. He will do his high school years there and graduate as a certified mechanic. I feel certain that he will beat the odds and become self-sufficient in spite of what we were told. I have learned never take to heart what people say about children. I have learned, follow your heart, be there for them and love them, push when needed and they can become all they are able to be.

Now enough bragging but understand I could brag about my kids all day – they are my world and I am so proud of them.

A little about me, I am a single mom with 3 kids. I work full time and then some as an Ophthalmic Technician for a busy ophthalmology practice. I’m so thankful for this job which is much closer to home and with better hours and pay than I had before – once again due to the help of a couple of Habitat volunteers. My life is still hard but amazingly good. God has taken us through a lot and continues to bless us daily. Because of Him and Habitat, I no longer worry about the day I might have to live in a car again.


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