Neighborhood Revitalization projects are organic within the community, and Habitat teams are not the architects of revitalization. Instead, they tailor their work to the aspirations and dreams of residents who take on leadership roles in their community’s renewal. Neighborhood Revitalization also relies on partners such as churches, businesses, civic groups and neighborhood associations. By ceding the leadership role to residents and engaging partners, Habitat ensures that the work will continue after the ministry moves to another neighborhood.

Community-based Neighborhood Revitalization projects are large or small and take on many different forms. Examples of projects in other areas: community cleanup, restoration of abandoned parks and walkways, creating ball fields, and building a senior center.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity will consider a partnership with community groups if the following conditions are present:

  • the activity is a project, having a well-defined start and end
  • the activity fulfills a community need to an under-served geographical area,
  • the project is a benefit to an under-served group of people,
  • the project synchs with Habitat’s competencies, skills, core values, and volunteer engagement capabilities

If your group is planning a project that is consistent with the goals and criteria for a Neighborhood Revitalization project, call our Executive Director, Ben Eskow, on (908) 835-7879 to discuss the possibilities.