Mission Statement

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Hope in the Hills of Warren brings youth and adults together to restore homes, community, and hope.

About the Program

Hope in the Hills of Warren, a community extension of Warren County Habitat for Humanity, seeks to improve the living conditions of the elderly, low-income and disabled persons in our community.  We work on resident owned homes within the Warren Hills sending district in southern Warren County, NJ.  This year HHW is sponsoring a Day of Help and a Weekend of Hope. The Day of Help is for spring cleaning. The Weekend of Hope is for minor home repairs. Labor and materials are free to qualifying households. Work will be done by teams of teenagers and adults, representing many Christian denominations and different community organizations.


Volunteers have donated over 27,000 hours of free labor to work on homes of elderly, disabled, and low income community members. More than $57,000 in free materials has been used in repairs. Work has been done on over 200 homes in our community in the last 9 years. Many of the homes have received free repairs on more than one occasion.


The Unity Achievement Award was presented to Hope in the Hills of Warren by the New Jersey Human Relations Council for outstanding achievement by a non-profit organization.

The Faith Community Award was presented by the Warren County Human Relations Commission for outstanding services provided during the summer of 2010.

Hope in the Hills 2021


For more information, see the HHW website.