A Summer to Remember for Two Hardworking Families

Summer is on its way out, and what a summer it was. The season saw not just one, but two homes dedicated for two of Warren County Habitat for Humanity (Warren County Habitat)’s partner families!

Pregenzer family in front of their new home.

The Pregenzer and the Riddick families grew close during their similarly timed homeownership processes. Last September, both families kicked off their journeys together with a dual Groundbreaking Ceremony and began earning their sweat equity hours to become self-sufficient homeowners.

As the weather warmed in June, Nick and Maggi Pregenzer and their three children officially moved into their home on Beidleman Road. They became Warren County Habitat’s 22nd partner family, and were celebrated by 60+ members of the community who attended their Dedication on Saturday, June 10th.

The Dedication for the Pregenzers was nothing short of emotional and moving. The opening and closing prayers were shared by Rick Houston, Warren County Habitat partner homeowner who moved in last June. Previously, the Pregenzers lived in a small trailer, and upon seeing their new home for the first time, it was clear how grateful and accomplished they felt. They noted just how different things would be now: the insulated walls would mean they wouldn’t have to use space heaters and blankets for their primary sources of heat. Cooking meals for the family of five would no longer take 3-4 hours, as they now have a working stove and don’t have to rely on hot plates and their microwave.

When asked what their experience with Warren County Habitat has been like, they shared that it has been overwhelmingly positive: “Obviously, we now have a beautiful home, but Habitat has also been an inspiration and has restored our faith in humans and our sense of community.”

Riddick family accepting the keys to their new home.

Keary Riddick and her two children moved into their home later in August, just in time for back to school. Keary is a Veteran of the United States Army, making the Riddicks Warren County Habitat for Humanity’s third Veteran family. They also had a beautiful Dedication Ceremony on the morning of August 19th.

Keary and her children, Alyssa and Collin, are no strangers to overcoming hardships. Keary has taught her children to always look at the bright side of life and to find joy in everything, and both Alyssa and Collin live lives full of adventure. The one-story ADA compliant home was built with the Riddicks in mind, as Keary suffered a back injury while serving overseas, and her son Collin needs extra care due to his disability. In their prior residence, it was becoming difficult for Keary to carry Collin up and down the stairs to get him the treatment he needed. With one story, roofs that don’t leak, and outlets that don’t send out shocks, the family will be able to live more comfortably.

On the day of the Dedication Ceremony, Alyssa, Keary Riddick’s daughter (9) performed the National Anthem on piano to begin the event. Pastor and Build Site Volunteer Scott Schantzenbach opened and closed the ceremony in prayer, and through his message it was obvious the impact Keary and her children had on everyone they met and worked with at Habitat.

“This house was not built as a hand out, or as a hand up… this house was built for a friend,” Scott concluded.

When the Pregenzer family moved in in June, they arrived at their new home to a “welcome home” care package on their front porch, put together by Keary as a message of congratulations. When Keary and her children arrived at their new home in August, they were met with a similar care package: a favor returned by Nick and Maggi. The support and love that these two families have for each other is one of the best examples of the mission of Warren County Habitat for Humanity: building homes, but especially building communities and hope.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity is proud to officially welcome two amazing families into their new homes, and is blessed to have had such a major impact on the lives and futures of these families. To support the work Warren County Habitat for Humanity is doing in your community, feel free to visit their website at www.warrenhabitat.org.