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A boost for the Harmony Habitat Home project

June 12th was a great day for golf, a great day for AHMC, and also a great day for a Habitat Partner Family. For the fifth year in a row, Manny Rizzuto and the team at Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation in Hackettstown have sponsored a day of golf and giving for the benefit of the Habitat general construction fund. This year, those funds will be used on the Harmony Habitat Home project. That construction project is done in partnership with Nicole Banfield, her daughter, and her son. The family will reside in the home upon its completion.

AHMC Support timely and appreciated

Ben Eskow, WCHFH Executive Director, addressed the attendees. He thanked the gathering of real estate professionals for their continued financial support.

“The funds raised today will be used immediately as we are beginning in earnest the construction of the home in Harmony,” he started. “I want to thank AHMC for their amazing support over the years. This year, the event raised over $6,000. And, since Manny and the team started their support of WCHFH, nearly $25,000 has been raised to benefit these families,” he continued. The funds have helped a total of thirty-two people realize their dream of homeownership!

AHMC Profile

Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation is a local Mortgage Banker with a history of giving back to the community. Manny Rizzuto, Stephanie Speal, and Bob Forte of AHMC have not only situated their place of business in Hackettstown, but they each reside in Warren County as well.

These local residents run a full service mortgage bank serving the lending needs of homeowners, real estate professionals, and homebuyers throughout the Tri-State area. They have built a strong reputation for providing the local community and surrounding areas with top shelf customer service in home mortgage lending. You can learn more about their mortgage bank at their website.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in the construction of this Harmony Habitat Home build project or to donate money for its construction,  please call our office on (908) 835-1300.