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About the Habitat for Humanity Community Center

Warren County Habitat for Humanity has a new project underway! And it’s not a home for a Habitat partner family. Sometime in the spring of 2021, the HFH Community Center will be dedicated and open for use by a range of civic-minded community groups.

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You may have heard or seen the phrase “Habitat. Building homes, building community, building hope.” Habitat for Humanity International has encouraged its affiliates, such as WCHFH, to widen its community impact.

Their program definition – “Neighborhood Revitalization is a holistic approach that expands Habitat’s traditional partnership with new homeowners and volunteers to include neighbors and local organizations for a far greater impact in the communities served. While home construction continues to play a vital role, a bigger toolbox that includes repairs and other services allows Habitat to serve more families”.


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The Community Center will be located at 31 Belvidere Avenue in Washington, NJ, a building with a rich community service legacy. The building is the site of the WCHFH offices and is located across from the Post Office. The main meeting room of the community center will be housed in the rear of the building and is approximately 1800 square feet in size with an expected capacity of 75 people. The team is currently in the process of reclaiming usable elements of the existing room and fitting the space for the future center.


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In 2018, a US Department of Agriculture grant was secured enabling us to start planning for the center. A plan was developed for construction of the Community Center room. Subsequent grants and a generous anonymous donation by a private group allowed us to be able to start the project with confidence it would be completed this year.

Most of the funding to complete construction of the Community Center has been secured. Additional grants and public sponsorships will satisfy the remainder construction expenses.


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The Habitat for Humanity Community Center will be made available for a wide variety of groups. But, the areas of focus will be those groups supporting youth, seniors, and veterans.


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The main meeting room has a unique oval profile. Elements of the decades-old interior will be reused to link past and future.


There is a buzz around WCHFH, an excitement about the kinds of programs and activities the future will bring. The potential for valuable, useful programs improving the lives of Warren County residents is virtually unlimited. The team is ready to go!

How you can help

Right now, we are looking for corporate or small business sponsors to help us complete the construction phase. A contribution to the construction fund offers the unique, “ground floor”  opportunity for a business to demonstrate its commitment to community. Depending upon the size of the contribution, a business logo or other business information can be displayed permanently for all community center users to see. If interested, please read the Sponsorship Letter, Sponsorship Levels and Sponsorship Form documents to get started.

Sponsors and supporters, please click the Sponsorship/Donation button below to contribute any amount toward this project.