Design Competition Progress

Design Winners Selected!

For the current Habitat home construction, there is an interesting and exciting twist. The kitchen and bathroom designs for the home will be the concept of two student designers. The students were two of several hundred students who entered a competition, and will receive stipends for their winning designs.

Nicole Banfield, current Partner Mother, had plenty of help as she compared designs for her new kitchen and bath. The group naturally included her daughter and her son, and the WCHFH architect. But also part of the discussion were several other family members and friends.

But the designs were reviewed and the difficult decision was finally made. “I loved all of them,” Banfield said. “It was fun to pick out the design. They were amazing.” Link here for the complete story of the NKBA selection process.

Students to get HGTV Mentors

The two students responsible for the winning designs will be supported as their designs are turned into reality. HGTV personalities Chip Wade and Jennifer Bertrand will provide mentorship and support for the students. Both are Associate Bath and Kitchen Designers with a wealth of real-life experiences that will be invaluable to the students. Link here for more information on the design competition.

Design Competition sponsored by the NKBA

Headquartered in Hackettstown, the NKBA is the world’s leading trade association for the kitchen and bath industry. It provides tools, research, certification, and events to thousands of professionals. This year, its design competition will benefit the Habitat home being built in Harmony, NJ.

Follow the Construction Progress

Follow the story of Nicole and her family as they partner with WCHFH to build their Habitat home on this site and at #HarmonyHabitatHome.

How You Can Help

Harmony Township project Partner Family
Partner Mother Nicole with her son and daughter

Due to high labor costs, building a simple, decent home in Warren County can cost over $200,000. As a result, WCHFH seeks out volunteer labor whenever possible.

Also, mortgage costs are kept lower by using donated funds. Hence, donations are the lifeblood of WCHFH.

Please help Nicole and her family attain the dream of their own home by donating your time or your money. For more information, call the WCHFH office at (908) 835-1300.