Pleasant Valley Groundbreaking

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Saturday, June 3 to commemorate the start of the latest WCHFH construction project. On a parcel of land on Pleasant Valley Road in Washington, a group of more than thirty volunteers, supporters and well-wishers assembled at the future home of Bob McManus, Heather Freeman, and their two young children.

WCHFH Board President John Rolak welcomed the group and thanked the sponsors and volunteers in attendance for their continued support. “Habitat relies on the generosity of our sponsors and donors to be able to build a home with a low-cost mortgage,” John acknowledged. “And of course, construction wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of over one hundred volunteers who work on these homes or support other functions.” Construction Supervisor Vic Bozzuffi and architect consultant Mary Trubeck represented the Build Committee at the ceremony. When completed, this home will become the fifteenth Warren County home constructed by WCHFH in partnership with the families residing in them.

Heather and Bob work at local businesses and have lived in the Washington area most of their lives. They, like all other Habitat partner families, qualified financially for the mortgage and down payment and agreed to contribute their own sweat equity hours to the construction project or in supporting areas. You can learn more about the Habitat homeownership qualification process by linking here and learn more about “sweat equity” by linking here.

The parcel of land for this Habitat home was donated by a veteran on the condition it be used to house the family of a veteran. Heather’s service in the Army National Guard further qualified the family to partner with WCHFH on this construction. The project is part of the Habitat for Humanity Veterans Build Initiative, and has the full support of Habitat for Humanity International and its national Veterans Build Initiative corporate partners.

Building permits required to begin the work are currently being processed. Construction of the new home is expected to begin in earnest by mid-June.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in the construction of this home, or to donate money for its construction, please see the links below. If you have other questions, please call our office on (908) 835-1300, #1.