Our previous projects have been joyful endeavors; experiences we will hold close to our hearts for a lifetime.  There’s nothing like the incredible feeling of watching a brand new homeowner receive the key to open their dream come true.  Yet as one homeowner’s dream is receiving some finishing touches, we are already hard at work building the next family’s home.

So after days of rain, the sun was bright on a Saturday morning as we kicked off the seventeenth Warren County Habitat for Humanity home construction project for our newest partner family, Robin and Joshua Maguire.  The family of four was joined by family, friends, volunteers, supporters and other well-wishers at the future construction site, 515 Dana St., Lopatcong Township. Board President John Rolak welcomed the crowd and explained how the family selection process works. “There is a misconception that Habitat for Humanity gives homes to people. That isn’t so,” he explained. “Families are required to make a down payment, hold a mortgage, and perform two hundred and fifty hours of sweat equity per adult.”

The partner family, Joshua and Robin Maguire along with their two daughters, were introduced after Executive Director, Ben Eskow, explained the construction process. The Maguire family, still in disbelief, expressed their deepest gratitude for the opportunity to partner with WCHFH. “We prayed and prayed that this would happen,” Robin said, “and now one day we will finally be able to own our own home.” Filled with joy, Joshua commented, “We are so thankful to everyone involved.”

If you would like to volunteer at this build site or in other areas of WCHFH, please click on the “Get Involved” link at the top of this page. Financial donations can be sent to WCHFH at 31 Belvidere Ave., Washington, NJ 07882.  To designate the funds to this build, please note “Dana St.” in the memo field.

Check back frequently for progress on this home.