The ReStore turns six!

ReStore Anniversary Sale Event

On Saturday, June 2nd, the Warren County Habitat for Humanity ReStore will celebrate its six year anniversary with a bang! The ReStore, now located at 384 Route 57 West in Washington, will hold a 50% merchandise sale. This year the plan is to also have a blood drive, children’s ID cards, a fire truck and other services available to benefit the community.


In June of 2012, WCHFH took a large risk and opened “the Store” located at 390 Route 57 West in Washington. The hope was that it would lead to increased awareness of Habitat’s goal of providing affordable housing. And that it would provide additional funds for home construction. The reality is that The ReStore has been a major factor in accelerating Habitat home construction  and has become a community fixture in its six years of operation.

Everybody Wins with the ReStore

Shoppers win when they come to the ReStore looking for lightly used items at prices below those of retail stores in the community. Young couples starting out find furniture they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Home improvement materials are available at lower prices than you can find at the big box stores. Bargain hunters find unusual items. And the merchandise is different each week.

Donors win. When you donate merchandise to the ReStore, you are secure in the knowledge that you are actually helping someone in the community. Profits are used to build Habitat homes and to fund other services which help county residents. In short, donors can contribute items they aren’t using, clear space in their homes, get a tax benefit for the contribution, and help a neighbor all at the same time!

People like to help people. The ReStore offers a unique and fun way to help someone out and get something in return. Also, items  no longer needed or wanted make their way to the ReStore instead of to a landfill for disposal. Recycling, reusing and repurposing these items keeps tons of materials out of local landfills each year.

The biggest winners:  Families

Families benefit the most from the ReStore for one reason: profits are used to build homes, build communities, and build hope. In its six years of operation, profits from the ReStore have been used as a source of income to build homes in Phillipsburg (2), Washington (2), Great Meadows (1), and Port Colden (2), and to start a new one in Harmony. In those years, ReStore shoppers have contributed significantly to assisting thirteen adults and twenty three children partner with WCHFH to build their new homes.

Support the Restore. Support Warren County Families.