Search for Next Partner Family Begins!

Applications Are Open

The WCHFH Family Selection Committee has begun its search for the next Habitat Partner Family. The Application period is currently open until February 16, 2018. If you are interested in applying, see the information below for instructions.

Information Available:

General Qualifications

Expectations of what it means to be a “Partner Family” and a description of the general qualifications.

Information Flyer

General information about the opportunity to become a Habitat Partner Family.

Letter to Applicants

Information from the Family Selection Committee about the specific qualifications for becoming a Partner Family and about the application process.

Part I Application Form

Information required of the prospective Partner Family to begin the process.

Note the February 16 Deadline – Extended to February 23

If you are interested in becoming a Habitat Partner Family, please note this deadline for application. If you think you may know someone who may be interested in becoming a Partner Family, share this information with them as soon as possible so that they can have time to meet the deadline.