Much of the activity of the affiliate has been curtailed or delayed.  As is appropriate, the health and safety of WCHFH employees, volunteers, customers, donors and supporters is the most important concern at this time.

[expand title=”The ReStore is open!” tag=”h4″]

ReStore has reopened!

The ReStore has resumed regular hours for shopping. Donation hours have been modified. A mask is required while in the store or donating items. Social distancing is also being observed.

Please see the ReStore page for more information.


[expand title=”Home builds have resumed” tag=”h4″]

As part of the Patti-Sue Rolak Memorial Build, on July 11 WCHFH broke ground on two sites on Beidleman Road in Franklin Township. Two homes will be built simultaneously.


[expand title=”Community Center construction” tag=”h4″]

Construction of the Community Center at 31 Belvidere Avenue in Washington will continue, though on a longer schedule.  Click this link for more info.