WCHFH Receives Three $10,000 Grants

Atlantic Health System & Hackettstown Medical Center Grants $10,000

Together We Will Tackle Community Health Needs

Atlantic Health System (AHS) and Hackettstown Medical Center (HMC)
are committed to building healthier communities, beyond simply the
delivery of excellent health care. Understanding and supporting the needs
of our local community in Morris and Warren counties is a top priority for

With that in mind, the Community Advisory Board (CAB) of
Hackettstown Medical Center was recently pleased to award Warren
County Habitat for Humanity with an HMC CAB grant for programming
at the Warren County Community Center.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity will meet one or more of the
identified priority health needs, and will now help Hackettstown Medical
Center and Atlantic Health System address these needs – this is great news
for residents of this region!


Warren County Habitat for Humanity recently received a $10,000 grant
from Investors Foundation at Investors Bank of Washington, NJ. The grant
will help further WCHFH Community Center’s mission (bringing community together by
building on our resources,strengths and talents to elevate the hope and well-being of our community) by assisting with funding the upcoming community center.

UPS Freight Supports WCHFH $10,000 Two Years In A Row

Warren County Habitat for Humanity (WCHFH) received a $10,000 grant from The
UPS Foundation, which drives global corporate citizenship and philanthropic

The grant will be used toward plumbing,heating, final grading, and a driveway to
complete the housing project in Lopatcong Township for the Maguire family. This grant is indispensable to WCHFH’s mission of putting God’s love into action, and bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

“The generous donation from The UPS Foundation will not only allow us to create
a safe and affordable home for the Maguire family, but also shows that the
community is dedicated to the greater mission of Habitat for Humanity,”
said WCHFH Executive Director, Ben Eskow.