Youth Contribution

Washington Youth and Friends Donate $300 to WCHFH

Washington youth group donates $300With the current Habitat home under construction in the background, a group of community-minded youth gathered to present a gift to the community. Ranging in age from nine to thirteen, they participated in a fundraising exercise inspired by one of the girls. As she turned twelve, Meghan Daniel thought it would be nice to make a donation to Habitat along with her group of friends.

Meghan had heard about the success of her classmates in raising construction funds over the summer selling lemonade and slushies. She got the idea to dedicate her birthday gift money to the building fund of Warren County Habitat for Humanity. Friends and parents gathered as Meghan and her friends presented the donation.

Executive Direct Ben Eskow and Resource Development director Jason Norment accepted the gift from Meghan. Ben addressed the group and the parents in attendance. He thanked them for their contribution. Washington youth group contributes to WCHFH“This house will be here for a long, long time,” he began. “Every time you pass this way, you can feel satisfaction in knowing that you helped build this house. You helped a veteran family create a home, and you helped the community address its affordable housing needs,” he continued. “That should bring a smile to your faces every time you pass by.”

The girls continued a remarkable tradition of donations of time and money to Warren County Habitat for Humanity by youth groups. They join others who have participated in our Hope programs, and a number of our ReStore volunteers as youthful contributors. They allow us to predict a bright future for continued work addressing the county’s affordable housing needs.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity salutes and thanks Meghan, Kaitlyn, Alana, Marissa, Paige, Brynn, Cecily, Shivya, Alessandra, Julia!

What is the Habitat Veterans Build?

Partner family at groundbreakingHabitat Veterans Build logoThe parcel of land for the current Habitat home was donated with the hope that it would be used to house the family of a veteran. Bob and Heather and their two children have agreed to be the Partner Family for this project. Heather’s service in the Army National Guard was key to the selection of this Partner Family. The project is part of the Habitat for Humanity Veterans Build Initiative. This program was created to honor our veterans. It has the full support of Habitat for Humanity International and its national Veterans Build Initiative corporate partners.

You, too, can help!

If you would like to help on the build site, or to donate money for the home, please see the links below. If you have other questions, please call our office on (908) 835-1300.


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